Wednesday, June 18, 2014

34 things I've learned about life at 34. Previously titled, "Am I 33 or 34?"

·        I'm fairly low key and not feeling combative and argumentative lately. So instead of my regular blog post, I'm going to jump on the "life lessons" bandwagon and share the 34 lessons that, so far, have stuck with me in my 34 years. I know, you're on the edge of your seat, so I'll just let you get started.

     Waffles are not just a breakfast food. 

·        Nothing is black and white. Views might be, but situations never are. There are a million shades of grey. 

·        Everyone should own a rain coat and rain boots (at 34 I own my first rain coat, and boots. Pretty ones. I was behind on this one). 

·        There will be so many people that cross your path at various stages. Some will stick. Some will just be there to teach you something. Some will show up just when you need them and disappear until you need them again. Some will just take what they need and never make the time for you so don’t worry about making time for them. 

·        The batteries in your smoke detector will not, in fact, change themselves. 

·        My path is mine and only I know the decisions that are right for me. If I make a mistake, I shoulder it, learn from it and move on. But they are my mistakes to make. 

·        I have responsibility in everything that happens to me. Everything. Good and bad. What led to a situation, the people involved in it, or how I react to it-there are zero situations in which I am responsibility free. 

·        Most bad days can be cured with a good workout, a laugh with friends or some quiet meditation. Some bad days can only be cured by a bottle of wine. I like to follow the 80/20 rule. 

·         Nobody likes a complainer. Come with a problem and a solution or shut the hell up. 

·        “Don’t pass judgment on others until your 100 percent perfect yourself” (Ok, I learned this from the Church of Christ billboard by my house, but I completely agree). 

·         Not everyone has to like you. And you don’t have to like everyone. 

·         Empathy is not a trait that everyone possesses. 

·         Forgiveness is for you, not the person you are forgiving.

·         There are asthma puffers for cats. 

·        Being nice is harder than being an asshole. But you’ll always be happier when you brighten other people’s day. Don’t be the one in the room bringing everyone down. 

·        Broccoli is not as gross as I thought it was when I was 12. Brussel sprouts are. 

·        People will judge you on your ability to spell. Or use spell check (crap, it’s actually spelled “brussels sprouts”-thank you Google).

·        You can spend your life finding the best version of you. But you can still only be who you are. Surround yourself with people who appreciate what you bring to the table. 

·        I have a sick sense of humor, but I know my audience and I save it mostly for them. Always know your audience.

·        The world does not revolve around me. Or you. We learn to work as a team and make compromises, or we continue to go down the shitter. This is true on both small and global scales. 

·        “You will always owe someone money. So get over it, be responsible, but don’t let it stress you out or you will always be stressed about something that won’t matter in the long run.” Thanks nanny. 

·        I am 100 percent responsible for my successes. And for my failures.  Blame can make you feel better, but it rarely gets you anywhere. 

·        “You can’t move forward when you’re only looking back” (Again, thank you Church of Christ billboard guy). 

·        Talking loudly does not actually equate to knowing what you are talking about.

·        This terrifying thing exists in the ocean:

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia


          Never Google symptoms of an illness. Just don’t.

·       Squats are your friend. “If you don’t squeeze your glutes, no one else will want to either”-Thanks Max. 

·        Some decisions you make may be right for you but will make others uncomfortable. Unless you just did something morally corrupt and violent, like killing a kitten, this is usually a reflection of their insecurities, not your decision. 

·       The best veggie burgers come from Harvey’s. Thanks Nicole. 
     You always have something to give. There is always someone with less.

·       Gratitude is the key to happiness. 

·      I will only ever use about a third of the math they taught in school. Thank god. Because I only learned about a third of the math they taught in school.
         Know the people in your life who will always, always have your back. Then do the same for them and hold on to them for dear life.
      The worse day in the world can be cured by spending a few minutes by the ocean (just not near the creepy thing mentioned above).

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